“I am writing this letter to recommend services of “Kancelaria Notarialna – Magdalena Korobowicz”

Our company has been working closely with Magdalena Korobowicz on numerous different kinds of projects, both real estate and corporate ones, over the past 10 years. Her office renders services of the highest quality and has proven its ability to deal with complex legal issues.

In the course of our co-operation I have come to appreciate Magdalena Korobowicz’s in-depth knowledge of legal matters and incomparable professional experience. Her office benefits from being a long-established one )over fifteen years, while the usefulness of it’s founder’s own experience has been considerably enhanced by her serving as a judge in both civil and corporate courts for ten years.

To conclude, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending the services of Kancelaria Notarialna – Magdalena Korobowicz to anyone looking for a reliable and affective notary’s office in Warsaw.”

“On the basis of several years of fautless service provided by the office of Kancelaria Notarialna Magdalena Korobowicz, I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend that office to others.

Over the many transactions on which we have cooperated, we have particularly appreciated Ms. Korobowicz’s flexibility and willingness to meet our legitimate requirements and those of our clients. We can also recommend her office based on the safety of the transactions, whose details are double-checked carefully, and the personal but consistently professional touch evident in all communication and interactions with the office.

As a notary, Ms. Korobowicz has particularly acute skills in identifying and removing potential points of ambiguity in deals and contracts. The care and attention she takes over contract is mirrored by the other members of the team, who provide the excellent level of service.

In conclusion, I would strongly advise you to you Kancelaria Notarialna Magdalena Korobowicz for you own business.”